Minggu, Desember 01, 2013

Work with Pride !

This is story about someone in the selection process of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT Telkom). Since 4 days after graduation, on July 17th, 2013 He found announcement in campus career center that PT Telkom was opening the job vacancy as Network Engineer (Direct Shopping ITB) with specific requirements: GPA above 3.00 and had been graduated with quota of participant is 65 people. Then without thinking much, he applied the job with sent the Cover Letter, academic transcript and certificate of graduation.

On August 27th, 2013 he was invited for the first stage selection process at Telkom Corporate University Center (TCU), Bandung. The selections were consists of Psychological Test, TOEFL, and Forum Group Discussion (FGD) which was held in 2 days: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 for Psychological Test and TOEFL, and Wednesday, September, 4th, 2013 for FGD. He thought this test is very hard, because there is a TOEFL test where previous week he had taken a TOEFL test and for the result his TOEFL score is 427.

A very narrow time between announcement and The Day, he just had one week to prepare TOEFL and psychotest and didn’t concerned the FGD. He thought not possible to take the English language at tutoring agencies because their programs are long term not for one week training, but it is still possible for he to take the private English. He decided to buy a book of TOEFL and TPA Bappenas at Gramedia bookstore and learned from these books. Felt there was no progress in self-study, he decided to take private English course with his French teacher with costs Rp.150.000/hour and took 10 hours of study in 4 days. Because of that, he must sold his notebook. A most gambling decision in his life.

The day was coming, the test room is very cold. One hundred sixty more participants took the test. First section test is psychological: series and logical, Kraepelin-Pauli test, Wartegg test and Drawing people and tree. Second section is TOEFL test: listening, structure and reading. Everything is ok, but he didn’t confident about what his have done, mainly in listening section. Then, third section is FGD, participants were grouped, every group consist of 7 people. They discussed a case about general problem that usually is happened in working area. He didn’t too much speaking about his opinion, but occasionally managed how this discussion can going well.  The first step selection is over, the result will be announced in three week later. 

to be continued...

Sabtu, November 23, 2013

West Java Library

West Java Library
This is library from West Java, it is called Bapusipda (Badan Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Daerah). It is located in Jl. Kawaluyaan Indah II No. 4 Soekarno Hatta, Bandung.

West Java Library 
I went to the library on Saturday morning at 9 A.M and everyone was just really having fun with book. Once you are in here, do not miss to create member card that allow you to borrow some books. The library open between 8 A.M. and 3 P.M on Friday and Saturday, but on Monday to Thursday, it is open from 8 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. On Sunday, the library is closed. 

There are some different room inside the library. On the 1st floor, there is Ruangan Anak-anak which provide book for children and the environment is very cozy for every children. I think it is good, because the children must be familiarized with the books since childhood. On the 2nd floor, there are Ruangan Dewasa and Ruangan Remaja, which provides journal, thesis, and other scientific articles. On the 3rd floor, there are Ruangan Majalah, Koran, dan Koleksi Digital and Ruang Referensi, which provides the ancient collection of newspapers, magazines either as a form of book or digital. 

Ruang Referensi
Ruang Majalah, Koran, dan Koleksi Digital. 

Collection of Magazin since 1983

Collection of Newspaper "KOMPAS"
Inside environment of Ruangan Majalah, Koran, dan Koleksi Digital

One corner of the Ruangan Referensi
This building is supported by fast enough internet connection. For download, it up to 3.01 Mbps and for upload up to 3.00 Mbps (Don't be lied with this speed, 1 Byte = 8 bit). 

Tested by speedtest.net

In the outside of the building, there are many stone similar to tombstone, but each every tombs are written by every region in West Java territory. 

Selasa, November 19, 2013


Bandung est une ville agréable, dynamique, est très culturelle, pas grande mais très animée. J’aime là l’environnement, parce-que il y a des montagnes entourent cette ville que c’est pourquoi il fait froid surtout en saison des pluies. Si vous voyez sur le nord de la ville, il y a montagne de Tangkuban Parahu (2,076 m). Sur le sud de la ville, il y a montagne de Patuha (2,434 m). Montagne de Manglayang (1,835 m) sur l’est, et montagne de Gununghalu sur l’ouest de la ville.

Il y a des activités culturelles à Bandung. La plupart des résidents de Bandung toujours vont travailler ou sortir à vélo qu’ils font cette activité régulièrement au Vendredi. C’est pour diminuer l’effet de serre et réchauffement climatique et aussi pour diminuer des embouteillages surtout en Week-end. Si vous n’avez pas un vélo, vous pouvez louer le vélo. Au Mercredi, Les hommes toujours utilisent « Iket » sur leur tête et les femmes utilisent « Kebaya » que les vêtements. Savez-vous, cela se fait pour augmenter culture de Bandung que n’est pas voir encore dans le temps moderne.

Senin, Agustus 05, 2013

Authentic Manchester City Jersey


"With World Cyber Security Champion, Firman Azhari and authentic Manchester City jersey which signed by Karim Rekik, Kolo Toure, Joe Hart, Joleon Lescott, Scott Sinclair, and Javi Garcia imported  from England by Andita Rafi. Thanks you all.." - A N

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I got the authentic Manchester City jersey from my friend who is studying in England, Andita Rafi. Not just only authentic jersey, but it is signed by some player of Manchester City that I have mentioned above. He bought the jersey for me because I help him to getting a scholarship. Little bit that makes me shocked from this jersey, the authentic jersey whose bought at Manchester City official  is Made in Indonesia. Now I know the products that made in my country is the best than other country.

Firman Azhari, the Champion of World Cyber Security acted as courier because the contest held in England and he still need to finish his magister program at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Rabu, Juli 31, 2013

1st Paper

Abstract- In this paper, modelling and simulation of XXX rocket flight dynamics are presented. The dynamics model is constructed by first-principle method based on forces and moments acting at the rocket rigid body. In the development of the model, the aerodynamics coefficients are determined by using missile DATCOM software. A six Degree of Freedom (DoF) non-linear model, as well as linear decoupled longitudinal and lateral-directional models are constructed for representing the flight dynamics of the rocket. The resulting models are numerically modelled simulated using SimulinkTM while its motion visualization is constructed using FlightGearTM. Further, the dynamics model and the visualization application then are integrated and tested in Hardware In The Loop Simulation (HILS) environment.
Keyword: modeling, HILS, flight control, navigation, flightgear.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The citation above is my paper abstract. My paper discuss about modelling and simulation from one of rocket designed by National Institute of Aeronautics and Space. This paper not yet published by any institution, but I want to submit this paper into ICICI-BME the International Conference On Instrumentation, Communication, Information Technology and Biomedical Engineering. I hope this paper is acceptable. 


Selasa, Juli 30, 2013

Cart Postale

Pour exerce,

Bonjour, Louis! comment vas-tu ?
Depuis le samedi dernière, Je suis arrivé en France. Voici, j'apprends la entreprise à la Grenoble Université, mais la classe va commencer la semaine prochaine. Hier, j'ai visité le musée de Louvre, tour eiffel, et beaucoup de ancien bâtiment. J'ai visité au cafe des dames dans le centre de Paris et m'ai pris un escargot, ta cuisine préféré. J'ai pu trouver marques de vêtements françaises et je vais te acheter un pantalon noir en jean aussi. Je vais retourner à Bandung l'année prochaine. Au revoir.


Bonjour, Philipe! c'est Alfi, comment vas-tu ?
La semaine dernière, je suis arrivé en France avec mes parent pour les vacances. Je suis resté le grand hôtel du sud de la France. Ce hôtel est à côte du restaurant Dame Tartine. Nous avons mangé dans cet restaurant, la cuisine est génial mais le coût trop cher pour nous. Dans le restaurant, comme entrée, j'ai pris une salade niçoise et comme plat, j'ai pris une viande rouge. Après du restaurant, nous avons visité la tour eiffel, ici sur la tour, j'ai pu regardé tout la ville. Je vais retourner en Indonésie la semaine prochaine. Au revoir..!

Senin, Juli 29, 2013

Sortir Avec Mes Amis

Je suis né le 17 Janvier 1991 à Semarang. J'ai l'habité de 1991 à 1998, mais maintenant J'habite à Bandung. J'ai été étudiant de l'ITB. Après le collège, J'étudie à l'IFI de Bandung. Alors, la semaine dernière, je suis sortis avec mes amis, ma professeure, et son mari pour iftar au restaurant de Chef Table. Comme entrée, J'ai pris un "Salade salmon" et comme plat, J'ai pris un "Chicken à la Chef Table". La cuisine est génial et pas cher en plus que le restaurant de Paris Village. Ma professeure aime ma salade, alors elle m'a demandé de la salade et l'a donné ses spaghetti.

C'est tout...

Avec mes amis